Each of our programs is designed to foster greater diversity and inclusion in workplaces and across Canada’s economy.

Our Programs

Our programs either support LGBT+ entrepreneurs with training and tools to be more successful in Canada’s business landscape, or they help businesses better support LGBT+ employees, businesses and consumers. Each of our programs is enhanced by the incredible network of Corporate Partners and associations affiliated with our organization.

Featured Program

Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity is more than a mandate – it’s an economic and social revolution. We fill tables with progressive organizations looking to engage in supplier diversity with our certified LGBT+ businesses. This gives Canadian LGBT+ businesses unprecedented access to connections, partnerships and new business opportunities, while corporations benefit from diversifying their suppliers and service providers – and gaining greater diversity in skills and know-how.


By working with international chambers of commerce, governments, organizations, Corporate Partners and individuals around the world, we help Canadian businesses expand their horizons – and their money-making potential – while promoting Canada as a welcoming market for LGBT+ entrepreneurs.

Youth Entrepreneur

Are you a young LGBT+ entrepreneur ready to tap into the experience and expertise of an LGBT+ mentor? Our one-on-one and team mentorship opportunities can help you sharpen your business skills, grow your network and drive better results for your business.

The OUT For Business Initiative is designed to assist LGBT+ youth whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow.


LGBT+ tourism is a lucrative market, valued at over $12 billion dollars annually in Canada alone. But LGBT+ travellers are also a discerning market that spends their money where they feel welcome and well-served. If you’re ready to get market-ready for LGBT+ travellers, this is the program for you.

Rainbow Registered

Our Rainbow Registered Program helps businesses, organizations and communities certify their status as LGBT+ friendly. Accredited businesses will benefit from guidelines that provide information, advice and resources on ensuring that LGBT+ customers feel welcome and accepted, and will be able to demonstrate and market themselves as safe destinations for the LGBT+. Click below to learn how you can participate in the program.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Our training opportunities are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the LGBT+ community and its allies. If your workplace wants to learn more about engaging with the LGBT+ community as employees, with business opportunities or as an end customer, we have a number of courses and workshops to get you ready.


Thanks to relationships bridged with politicians and government, CGLCC is in prime position to make policy recommendations and advocate for the LGBT+ business community. We bring key objectives forward that can make change and advance support for a more inclusive Canadian economy. Our advocacy is strengthened by position papers and research we’ve undertaken that shows what the LGBT+ community’s needs are in tangible ways that influence policymakers.