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If you’re looking to networking within the LGBT+ community, CGLCC Members have access to thought-leadership content, networking parties and events, and the corporations who support them.

This membership is designed for LGBT+ and allies, who are looking to grow their professional network within the LGBT+ community.

Membership is paid on an annual basis, and over the course of the year Members will be invited to member-only events to better get to know one another.

Sign up for membership today, and join us at CGLCC.


  • Free admittance to select member-only events
  • Discounted admittance to paid events
  • Access to exclusive educational content
  • Opportunity to present workshops to CGLCC members

Fees (before applicable taxes):

  • Starting at $250 annual fee


The CGLCC depends on the support of volunteers across the country to deliver programs that support its mandate.

Volunteers can help by providing assistance at events, by sharing their expertise with other business owners, and by offering services that support CGLCC activities.

Volunteers have the opportunity to network with business leaders across Canada, and help shape the efforts and activities of the CGLCC, all while helping the LGBT+ community grow.

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