Become a Corporate Partner

Canada is home to a growing number of LGBT+ businesses – estimated at over 28,000. CGLCC is your connection to these businesses representing millions of dollars in economic activity as well as potential.

As the certifying body for LGBT+ businesses in Canada, CGLCC collaborates with its Corporate Partners, industry, government, regional affiliates and certified suppliers to create opportunities that enhance the success of all stakeholders.

As a Corporate Partner of CGLCC, you’ll meet LGBT+ entrepreneurs representing untapped potential for your business. Diversifying your suppliers helps you access a unique set of experiences, skills and know-how. You’ll also signal to the millions of LGBT+ consumers and allies that diversity and inclusion matters to your corporation – which matters deeply to them.

Team up with us for Access, Visibility, Engagement and Support


  • Identify competitive suppliers of goods and services by participating in CGLCC’s Supplier Diversity Program
  • Participate in events, including CGLCC’s Supplier Diversity Forum
  • Build relationships through networking opportunities in Canada and abroad through CGLCC’s Global Program
  • Take advantage of speaking opportunities at conferences and events
  • Receive a minimum of two complimentary registrations at all CGLCC conferences and events


  • Obtain exclusive use of the “Corporate Partner – CGLCC” logo/title in your internal and external communications, as well as for marketing and advertising, signalling your support for the LGBT+ community
  • Enjoy company brand promotion on all CGLCC and LGBT+ Supplier Diversity Program marketing materials and websites
  • Obtain recognition and media opportunities at all CGLCC conferences and events
  • Promote your company’s events and programs through CGLCC distribution channels (including our website, LinkedIn Group and certified supplier database)


  • Participate in strategic discussions and corporate roundtable meetings on growing the organization and LGBT+ Supplier Diversity Program
  • Become a member of the Corporate CGLCC Advisory Council
  • Participate in the Canadian LGBT+ SupplierDiversity Advisory Council
  • Influence policy and decision-making


  • Get assistance in setting up your own supplier diversity program
  • Get access to our Supplier Diversity Program tools, as well as other tools and training
  • Get access to market knowledge on doing business with the LGBT+ community

Our Corporate Partners

As a Corporate Partner, you also have the opportunity to stay on the leading edge of diversity practices by gaining market knowledge on working with the LGBT+ community and supplier diversity training and tools. Stay at the forefront of building supplier diversity’s success in Canada.