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Wednesday May 29, 2019
8:00- 12:00 Partner Event

City of Toronto 3rd Annual Networking with Diverse Suppliers

For certified diverse suppliers, this is an opportunity to interact with staff from various City of Toronto divisions who will be hosting booths during a 3-hour networking session.

This event will provide suppliers with insight into what each division purchases as well as the opportunity to network and learn about the City’s purchasing trends.

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Day 1 – Thursday May 30, 2019
07:00– 16:30 Registration
09:00- 10:00 Community Building Roundtables Trans & Non-Binary Advisory Council Roundtable
By invitation only
09:30- 10:00 AGM CGLCC AGM
By invitation only
10:00-11:30 Corporate Roundtable CGLCC Corporate Member Roundtable
By invitation only
10:00-11:30 Canadian Council of Chambers and Business Organizations Council
Canadian Council of Chambers and Business Organizations (CCCBO) Meeting
By invitation only
10:00-11:30 Supplier 101

SD/Procurement 101- Putting your best foot forward

Join us as we talk through the fundamentals of being a Certified Diverse Supplier. This session will walk us through how to put your best foot forward when getting ready to work with our Corporate and Government sectors, along with a discussion  around key elements to help guide you through Supplier Diversity and leveraging your Certification. From Capability Statement to Pitch, Networking and Engagement we will provide you with your Supplier Diversity Toolkit as we work together to help you build your business. Whether you are new to Supplier Diversity or looking to better leverage your membership, this session hopes to bridge the gaps and prepare you for the future.

11:45-13:15 LUNCH Lunch & Welcoming Remarks
12:15-12:45 Special Remarks

Fireside Chat with The Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business & Export Promotion

Presented by TD

13:15– 14:15 Plenary 1

Global Economic Outlook: Needs for Concern?

Hear from Mr. Krishen Ranasagami, Senior Economist with National Bank, as he highlights the factors behind the heightened volatility in current domestic & global markets, how they are shaping the economic environment, and what this all means for Canadian SMEs.

The session will then look at what this means for LGBT+ businesses looking to expand globally.  After a successful first LGBT+ Trade Mission to the United States, CGLCC and the Government of Canada have been asking LGBT+ business owners about their next international move.  Gary Edwards of Golfdale Consulting will share the results of this study, and the overall current landscape of Canadian LGBT+ businesses exporting.

Presented by Global Affairs Canada

14:15-15:00 Plenary 2

LGBT+ Business – The Domestic Landscape

In partnership with OSME, TD Bank and Nielsen, CGLCC conducted a national research study to learn more about the Canadian LGBT+ business landscape.  The preliminary results will be shared for the first time at the Summit, highlighting the impact that LGBT+ entrepreneurs have on the Canadian economy, challenges and opportunities LGBT+ businesses face, and more.

15:00– 15:30 BREAK Presented by Staples
15:30-16:30 Plenary 3

Expanding Business: Strategies to Navigate the Current Environment

The economic environment is constantly changing. It ebbs and flows. This session explores the need for businesses to understand how to proactively and strategically manage and respond to these inevitable fluctuations in order to be successful.

Presented by RBC

16:30– 17:30 Keynote

Breaking Barriers

Multiple award-winning entrepreneur Kiana “rookz” Eastmond has redefined the global music industry. As the brainchild behind SANDBOX STUDIOS, and the Executive Director at MANIFESTO, she is a living testament that if you stick to your dreams, the payoffs will be chart breaking.

Presented by Accenture
17:30– 19:30 RECEPTION Opening Reception – Presented by EY
Day 2 – Friday May 31, 2019
07:00– 17:00 Registration
08:00– 09:00 BREAKFAST Presented by Sun Life Financial
08:30- 09:00  Plenary 4

EY Pitch Competition – Finale

EY is committed to finding innovative ways of supporting LGBT+ businesses. This past year, CGLCC partnered with EY to assist in the development of our certified suppliers by providing them an opportunity to improve their sales pitch.

Over the past 9 months, CGLCC and EY have hosted a series of pitch competitions, with the winner from each round having the opportunity to participate in a final pitch and to compete for a series of valuable prizes.

Now you get to hear from the top 3 finalists, who will present their winning pitches.

The 3 finalists include:

  1. Growing Greener Innovations
  2. Patrick Hunter Art & Design
  3. TransFocus Consulting
09:15 – 9:45 Plenary 5


Life has its challenges, as does business. Often the two are not mutually exclusive. Yet in spite of the adversity LGBT+ business owners face in their day-to-day lives, they are growing successful businesses and paving the way for the next generation of LGBT+ Leaders.

Four speakers will share seven minutes of how resiliency played a key factor in helping them achieve success and in removing barriers in what they do.

Presented by Shopify

9:45 – 10:30 Plenary 6

Self Care While Growing Your Business

Business and leadership coach Veronica Kirin delivers an intimate and honest message describing her experience with being passionate about causes larger than herself and the burnout that comes without self care. She challenges each audience member to scale their businesses in order to reclaim their self care and structure their business model to provide this for both

Presented by Marriott International

10:30– 11:00 BREAK Presented by Bell




Breakout Sessions
Corporate Stream

Building a D&I Strategy – Part I

In order for Diversity and Inclusion to have true impact and longevity in your organization, it is critical to build a strategic plan for success.  This strategy or roadmap outlines the path, plan and players necessary to achieve true inclusion in the workplace. In this session, we will explore the what, why and how of building and implementing the pillars of the D&I Roadmap.   

Presented by TELUS

SME Stream

Special Industry Focus:

Suppliers in the Marketing & Communications Industry

This panel of corporate buyers discuss the marketing-related procurement needs of Canadian companies, and how diverse marketing-focused businesses can access the corporate procurement chain.

Presented by Rogers

SME Stream

Marketing: Brand Check in & check up

Many businesses struggle with running successful, consistent marketing campaigns. With so many different channels, tactics, and price tags, it is difficult to determine what you should invest in to generate results. During this panel discussion, the CGLCC marketing team will provide you a succinct explanation of how social media advertising, search engine optimization, and strategic email communication can be used to grow your audience. We will also discuss how key brand elements like design, content and video creation play a role in lead generation.





Breakout Sessions
Corporate Stream

Building a D&I Strategy, Part II: Supplier Diversity from the Inside Out

As a  natural follow-on from Building a D&I Strategy – Part I, this session takes an in-depth look at Supplier Diversity, a key pillar of the Roadmap that often operates in a silo and is even ignored in many organizations.  In this session, we will examine foundational practices and processes that contribute to building a strong and robust Supplier Diversity Strategy and Program at your company.

Presented by TELUS

SME Stream

Special Industry Focus

Suppliers in the HR & Recruitment Industry

This panel of corporate buyers discuss the HR-related procurement needs of Canadian companies, and how diverse HR/recruitment-focused businesses can access the corporate procurement chain.

Presented by Rogers

SME Stream

Government Resources to Support Entrepreneurs

One of the challenges businesses face when looking to grow is how to find the right government supports. Governments offers hundreds of programs and services to help Canadian businesses, including: funding, loans, tax credits, wage subsidies, collaborations and expert advice.

Innovation Canada’s new digital platform connects businesses to the right supports to help you start, grow and access new markets. A demonstration on how to access and use the platform will be provided during this session.

This session will also address when it is the best time to approach the right government organizations that is best for your business needs.

12:30 -14:00 LUNCH

Presentation of the LGBT+ Exporter of the Year Award

Presented by EDC

LGBT+ Excellence in Business and Leadership Awards

Business & Leadership Awards

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! We know leaders have been out there pounding the pavement, making waves, and changing the way Canada and the world see LGBT+ businesses.

This is their moment to stand up, be celebrated, and acknowledge their victories.

Please join us in recognizing and celebrating these leaders as we announce the winner of the LGBT+ Supplier Diversity Ambassador of the Year and the LGBT+ Certified Supplier of the Year.

Presented by Kellogg’s

14:00 – 15:00 Plenary 7

Strategies to Succeed: Scaling Your Business

This panel looks at the challenges and opportunities Canadian LGBT+ businesses face in developing and implementing a strategy for scaling their business.  It examines how we are supporting entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level, what programs and resources are available to grow at the local and international levels, and what we can do better.

Presented by BDC

15:00 – 15:45




Break-Out Sessions
Corporate Stream

Measuring Diversity and Inclusion’s impact on Productivity and Profitability

Research confirms that diversity and inclusion are not simply cultural nice-to-haves, but business-critical must-haves. They lead to greater productivity, innovation, profit, talent attraction and retention.

For many organizations, diversity and inclusion are only taken seriously when they become a problem, which is too late. Without the ability to measure the positive effects of diversity and inclusion, they are destined to measure the negative ones created by their absence—lost productivity, sales, talent loss and reputation damage.

This session shares how public and private organizations can tangibly measure the impact of diversity and inclusion on business results. Participants will learn how AI-enabled data analytics can quantify and illustrate the benefits of a diverse and inclusive culture. Case studies will be reviewed, discussed and applied to attendees’ organizations.

Presented by DCM

SME Stream

Special Industry Focus

Suppliers in the Tech Industry

This panel of corporate buyers discuss the tech-related procurement needs of Canadian companies, and how diverse Tech-focused businesses can access the corporate procurement chain.

Presented by Rogers

SME Stream

Risk Management:  Protecting Your Business

Risk takes many forms, and is a real concern that affects all LGBT+ SME’s. This session highlights some of the key areas we need to be considering as we look at expanding our business, both domestically and internationally, and looks at strategies and approaches to anticipate, prepare, monitor, and respond to risk in order to protect your business.

Employer liability is also dynamic in today’s domestic marketplace with recent changes in the law, such as the legalization of marijuana, the rise of workplace human rights complaints and evolving employment contract law. The obligations on an employer can be dizzying. This session will address how workplace policies and contracts can be developed, implemented and enforced to minimize risk and ensure that an employer is meeting its legal obligations.

15:45– 17:15

SD Facilitated


Supplier Diversity Facilitated Roundtables

Through a series of facilitated roundtable sessions, participants will have the opportunity to meet with diverse suppliers and procurement specialists from several corporations and various levels of government, including: Accenture, Air Canada, Bell, BDC, BMO, City of Toronto, DCM, EY, Kellogg’s, Marriott, RBC, Rogers, Scotiabank, Sodexo, Staples Promotional Products, Sun Life Financial, TD Bank Group, TELUS, The Government of Canada, and more.

Representatives from Global Affairs Canada, EDC, and BDC will also be on site to provide background information on how to expand business activities in Canada and globally.

Presented by BMO

17:15 Networking Reception

Join us as we celebrate the business of show!

CGLCC and the Ontario Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (OGLCC) have partnered with Inside Out Film Festival to host a networking mixer! We want to celebrate our creative entrepreneurs and provide a space where we can support, connect and incubate queer business and work together to remove barriers, homophobia and stigma that still exist. We hope to see you there.

Artscape Sandbox
301 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, Ontario

*Agenda subject to change.


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