Rainbow Registered

Renewal Process

Rainbow Registered® LGBT+ Friendly Accreditation Program

Rainbow Registered recognizes efforts that meet a national standard. The assessment process is voluntary and involves rigorous evaluation methods and evidence of relevant policies and practices. Rainbow Registered accredited businesses/organizations benefit from a formal recognition program trusted by LGBT+ customers, attesting to the progressive policies and practices that will attract the LGBT+ market.

Accreditation is time-limited: businesses/organizations that meet the program standard will receive accreditation for a three-year period, and must apply to renew each year.

Accredited businesses/organizations that have previously “Met” or “Exceeded” the program standard may apply to renew their accreditation by:

  1. Applying for Accreditation renewal with the CGLCC’s Rainbow Registered Program Manager.
  2. Signing the Confirmation of Agreement again as part of the renewal application.
  3. Notifying the CGLCC if there are any changes or updates to the evidence provided in your previous assessment.
  4. Forwarding correspondence by regular mail to 100 University Avenue, 5th Floor, Toronto  ON  M5J 1V6 or electronic mail at rainbowregistered@cglcc.ca
  5. Paying the renewal fee plus HST to the Rainbow Registered Program Manager. The fee must be received in full with the application for renewal. Refer to program page for a list of fees.

Renewal applications will be dealt with by the Rainbow Registered Program Manager on a timely basis.

Note that if the applicant business/organization has previously “Met” the program standard and is accredited in good standing, it must undergo a complete assessment to be considered for an “Exceeds” rating. Only previously accredited businesses/organizations are eligible for an “Exceeds” rating.  An “Exceeds” rating is also limited to a one-year period and must be renewed in order to maintain accreditation.

If any changes are made to the program, the Rainbow Registered Program Manager will contact accredited businesses/organizations to make them aware of any future requirements for maintaining Rainbow Registered status.

For more information on Rainbow Registered renewal, contact the Rainbow Registered Program Manager at:

or toll-free 1-866-300-7556
or rainbowregistered@cglcc.ca.