About US

Established in 2003, the CGLCC is a trusted partner linking LGBT+ businesses in Canada to the wider business community.

It fosters economic growth by supporting and nurturing LGBT+ businesses, entrepreneurs, students and allies, and by helping Canada’s corporate world connect with the LGBT+ business community.

A leader in supplier diversity, it is also the certifying body in Canada for LGBT+ businesses.

To help LGBT+ entrepreneurs thrive, it offers:

  • Access – by building relationships between the LGBT+ business community and the corporate world, and by educating LGBT+ businesses about policies, regulations and opportunities
  • Engagement – by being an advocate for LGBT+ businesses and supplier diversity, while providing a forum for people to meet and exchange information
  • Visibility – through its regular workshops, webinars and events
  • Support – through its training, mentoring, supplier diversity and global programs.


Board of Directors

Mark Schollenberg


Manitoba Regional Member

Bruce McDonald

Co-Founder & Vice Chair

Silverman, Chapman & Reese

Debra Quade



Chris Matthews


Ontario Regional Member

Catherine Grosz

BMO Financial

Al Ramsay

TD Bank Group

Jim Rondeau

Systematic Design

Benjie Nycum

Atlantic Regional Member

Rick Hurlbut

BC Regional Member

Saul Benary

Alberta Regional Member

Staff and Program Support

Darrell Schuurman

Co-Founder and CEO

Richard Martin

Director, Global Program

Danny Papadatos

Manager, Supplier Diversity

Katrina White


Dan Snow

Director of Marketing

Krista Downey

Creative Director

Colleen Regush

Manager, Administration & Accounting

Leah McCormack

Administrative Assistant

About CGLCC Councils

The CGLCC is assisted in its work by a number of advisory councils. These councils provide input from various stakeholders that can help shape the programs the CGLCC offers and the activities it engages in.

Canadian Council of Chambers and Business Organizations

The Canadian Council of Chambers and Business Organizations Council (CCCBO) is made up of Canadian provincial and regional LGBT+ chambers of commerce, and business associations that affiliate with the CGLCC. The CCCBO gives these organizations a voice at the leadership table. The CCCBO elects its own leadership, discusses issues of importance, recommends policy and helps determine how to advance the interests of the collective membership. In addition, the CCCBO serves as a venue for its members to share information, discuss issues such as membership development and retention, offer mutual advice for attaining success and warding off failures, and communicate the needs of local groups to the CGLCC Board.

Corporate Advisory Council

The Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) is composed of CGLCC corporate partners. Its mission is to discuss issues in which the CGLCC, its members and members of the CAC can work together to raise public awareness around diversity. Through project partnerships, memorandums of understanding, and other avenues, the CGLCC seeks to educate corporate Canada and the public about the economic benefits of providing a diverse workplace and creating mutually beneficial relationships with the LGBT+ and LGBT+-friendly business community.

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