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CGLCC’s LGBT+ Inclusion Training for the Tourism Industry

Are You Ready to Access the LGBT+ Travel Market?

Providing customer satisfaction goes beyond offering products of value. Destinations and operators also have to ensure that LGBT+ customers feel welcome and accepted, and are served in a way that exceeds their expectations.

LGBT+ Inclusion Training

CGLCC offers LGBT+ Inclusion Training specifically for the tourism industry.
It includes both an online module and a four-hour in-person workshop.  This training helps tourism-based businesses learn about LGBT+ inclusion and how to effectively understand, value, and serve LGBT+ customers and employees.

The online training focuses on LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace, including federal and jurisdictional legislation, and is a precursor to the workshop.

The workshop, which is interactive and includes a take-away workbook, includes the following:

  • Provides an introduction to terms and definitions regarding the diversity of LGBT+ and an opportunity to ask questions;
  • Discusses the impact of homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism in the workplace;
  • Discusses why safe space is important and what it looks like;
  • Reviews the bottom line, specifically the internal and external benefits of LGBT+ inclusive space;
  • Introduces new strategies when interacting with LGBT+ employees and customers;
  • Provides an opportunity to put new concepts and learning into practice;
  • Gives staff an opportunity to brainstorm ways to create LGBT+ inclusive spaces both proactively and reactively;
  • Links training to provincial and federal policies and legislation.

CGLCC’s LGBT+ Inclusion Training for the Tourism Industry will set the groundwork for a personal and organizational action plan to create an LGBT+ inclusive organization.

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